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League1 Ontario Women

League1 Ontario WomenNitros News

Jade’s Journey to North Toronto Soccer

Let us take a moment to introduce you to Jade Kovacevic, one of North Toronto Soccer’s newest coaches. Jade’s journey to becoming a...

North Toronto Soccer players lift trophy
League1 Ontario MenLeague1 Ontario Women

North Toronto in numbers

A breakdown of the key numbers from our senior and High Performance Program teams that played in League1 Ontario this summer.

Keyosha Donkor on the field
League1 Ontario Women

Keyosha Donkor: “I owe so much of my success in soccer and in life to this club.”

The 21-year-old has been part of North Toronto Soccer for seven years and played right wingback for our League1 Ontario Women’s Premier Division...

Love Unites warm-up shirts
InspirationLeague1 Ontario Women

Pride at North Toronto Soccer

Jessie de Boer and Chelsea Currie talk about the L1O Women's Premier Division squad camaraderie and culture, and why thriving for equality in...

Hannah Minsky celebrates winning trophy with teammates
League1 Ontario WomenProviding Pathways

Hannah Minsky discusses pathways at North Toronto Soccer

League1 Ontario player Hannah Minsky talks about how she transitioned into coaching and balances her soccer responsibilities with her studies.

Kiyomi McCausland
League1 Ontario Women

Kiyomi McCausland: “Soccer is far beyond just a game”

The 18-year-old forward has reflected on her two years at North Toronto Soccer Club and looks ahead to the new League1 Ontario Women's...

players clapping
League1 Ontario MenLeague1 Ontario Women

2023 L1O season preview

Both our men’s and women’s League1 Ontario teams have been working hard to prepare for the 2023 season, and there are many positives...

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