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Summer Academy

Welcome to the North Toronto Nitros Academy

North Toronto Soccer Academy, located at Eglinton Park, aims to successfully combine organization, coaching excellence and a mutual desire to unearth the limitless potential in each of our young players. We strive to create a balance between the coaching of elite level soccer skills, techniques and tactics with the quest to instill a sense of professionalism, leadership and confidence in all our participants.

Each age group has specific weeks that they can attend Academy, where each week is has been specially planned to have the best environment for players. We’ve made sure to have appropriate coaches available so that the activities will be age and stage appropriate to continue the learning journey of each player in the Beautiful Game. There is a focus on soccer training, with fun alternative soccer activities (soccer tennis, world cup, etc.) as well as multi-sport opportunities throughout the week.

Nitros Academy is the perfect summer environment to learn to become a better player and athlete while also getting a sneak peak of the Nitros staff and program offered at North Toronto Soccer.

Program Overview: U7 – U12 Academy

The U7 – U12 Nitros Academy will run from 9 am – 4 pm with 2 training sessions before lunch. The sessions will be broken up with snacks and free time to allow players to rest and recover, both mentally and physically. After lunch players will participate in scrimmages against their age group and other age groups to test what they’ve worked on throughout the day. The day will be wrapped up with some free time to do soccer activities such as soccer tennis in an unstructured, relaxed environment before heading home.

Registration fees 
**CURRENT FEE**: EARLY BIRD (first 175 registrations):
$ 530 p/week; $ 450 for weeks 1&6 (4-day week)

 $ 545 p/week; $ 465 for weeks 1&6 (4-day week)

Program Overview: U13+ Academy

The U13+ Nitros Academy will run from 9 am – 2 pm with 2 x 1.5 hrs training sessions. The day will start with a chance to properly warmup and get ready to play. After the first training session, players will have the chance to have a snack and some free time to recover before their second training session of the day. The day will end with some Small Sided Games to wrap up the day on a competitive note before heading home at 2 pm.

Registration fees 
**CURRENT FEE**: EARLY BIRD (first 50 registrations):
$ 440 p/week; $375 for weeks 1&6 (4-day week)

 $ 460 p/week; $ 390 for weeks 1&6 (4-day week)

Please contact the Academy Director, Taylor Fleming, for any U13+ players that will require supervision until 4 pm before being picked up by parents.

Program Overview: Goalkeeper Week

The Goalkeeper Week at Nitros Academy will run during Week 5: July 29th – August 2nd @ Eglinton Park. U8 – U12 players will go from 9 am – 4 pm and U13+ players from 9 am – 2 pm.

During the GK week coaches will alternate days, where Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be for the U13+ players and Tuesday and Thursday with the U8-U12 players. This schedule allows our top class GK staff to work with all age groups, while giving players the opportunity to rest after a strenuous day on their bodies. The “off” days will be used to work on other important soccer skills, keeping away from the demanding activities GKs must practice such as blocking shots and diving. The daily breakdown will be similar to the groups above to ensure a great balance of instruction, development and fun.

Please contact Rasih Pala, Manager of Goalkeeping, for any questions regarding the GK Week.

Program Overview: Position Specific Week

The Position Specific Week at Nitros Academy will run during Week 6: August 6 – 9 @ Eglinton Park. U8 – U12 players will go from 9 am – 4 pm and U13+ players from 9 am – 2 pm.

During the Position Specific week players decide which position they’d like to focus on for the week, this could be Defenders, Midfielders or Forwards. Groups will be split into different positions with age groups being mixed.

Depending on ages, numbers and skill level coaches will determine the most appropriate groupings to maximize players’ development. Sessions will be focused on bringing out certain moments and working on various techniques that are important at the different positions.

Players will take part in 2 x 1.5 hour sessions, with breaks for rest and free time between. All groups will participate in different small sided games and competitions throughout the week to test the skills they’ve been working on.

Dates & Fees


You can view the 2024 Academy schedule HERE, where you can see which age groups can attend each week.

Registration fees 
U13+ Players $ 440 p/week; $ 375 for weeks 1&6 (4-day week) (First 50 Registrations)

U7-U12 Players: $ 545 p/week; $ 465 for weeks 1&6 (4-day week)
U13+ Players $ 460 p/week; $ 390 for weeks 1&6 (4-day week)

*All withdrawals must be requested in writing (email: competitive@northtorontosoccer.com). For the Academy, the refund deadline is 14 Days prior to the start of the academy week. All refunds are subject to a $30 admin fee. No pro-rating for missed days.

What to Bring
  • Printed and completed Medical Forms – click here for Medical Form
  • Any required medication
  • Soccer cleats/athletic shoes
  • Soccer shirt (included in fee) , shorts and socks covering shin guards
  • Shin guards
  • Sunscreen
  • Water and hydrating fluids (water can be filled onsite)
  • Lunch/snacks
FAQ & Policies

What are the optional weeks?

The optional weeks are meant as an additional option for players looking to attend academy more than once. We’ve grouped similar ages those weeks to combine age groups to maximize the experience. We hope most players can attend their week as it allows the whole team to spend time together, but we realize summers are tough to plan. This optional week is a great alternative or additional week for players who loved it!

Can I attend more than 1 week?

Of course you can! We’re always happy for players to attend another week. Please refer to the optional weeks on the schedule.

What do I do if I can’t make my assigned weeks?

If you can’t make the designated week, look for the optional week on the schedule. If you’re having tough luck and that week doesn’t work, please speak with your head coach and email the Academy Director to see an alternative. We want all players to have an excellent academy experience and don’t want any to miss out, so we’ll do our best to find a fit. However, we will also keep in mind finding a suitable group for players to join.

What’s the difference between Summer Camp and Academy?

The main difference is that the academy is focused on soccer all day, with players looking to develop. At Summer Camp, we start with soccer in the morning and play a variety of other sports and games. Summer Camp also has a little more free time during the day.

Will there be swimming?

The Summer Camp offers Free Swin, where kids are allowed to cool off at the North Toronto Memorial Community Centre Pool. This swim time is NOT INSTRUCTIONAL and all campers should be able to confidently swim in the shallow end of the pool, where they will be supervised by Camp staff and City of Toronto lifeguards. Any campers who decide not to swim will accompany the group and sit in the shade on the pool deck to be supervised, there is no alternative activity to swimming as staff are needed for pool ratios.

Will there be early dropoff or late pickup?

Early dropoff and late pickup is available through the registration system, which are unstructured supervised time to allow parents flexibility in their schedule. Early dropoff is from 8 – 9 am, starting camp/academy activities at 9 am. Late pickup is from 4 – 5 pm, kids may head indoors to the clubhouse to get out of the heat/rain if needed.

Who is Academy for? Why is it so special?

Academy is recommended to all our players in our Nitros Development, Advanced Development, Select, TTBN, Competitive and Talented Pathway programs. However, it is not exclusive to just those players. If you’re interested in attending, feel free to join for your designated week. However, please keep in mind that players are expected to play soccer for most of the day and partake in two training sessions and other soccer games and tournaments. If you’re unsure about signing up, please check with the Academy Director .

Academy is unique to players because it’s a chance for them to spend the entire week with their teammates, enjoying the fun moments off the pitch and building strong relationships off of it. It’s also a great chance to work with their coaches to develop their beautiful game abilities.

Who is Summer Camp for? Why is it so special?

Summer Camp is for any kids looking to play some soccer but also have a lot of fun. It is by no means any worse than academy but is instead geared towards having a good time. Many players that attend academy also enjoy the more laid-back atmosphere of Camp while still enjoying the opportunity to develop their soccer abilities. Our Camp has a standard as high as our academy and creates a great environment for kids of a broader age range to attend.

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