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Advanced Development Program U11-U12

Program: The Advanced Development Program (ADP)
Age Group: Under-11 (born 2013) – Under-12 (born 2012)
Frequency of Sessions: 3-4 days a week
Program Length: Indoor (mid-Oct – April) & Outdoor (May – mid-Sept)
Program Manager: Rachel Murray
Level of Coaching: Community Courses and/or Children’s Licensed Coaches certified by Canada Soccer & the National Coaching Certification Program

What? The Advanced Development Program is designed to provide young players between the ages of 10-12 the opportunity to further develop fundamental sport and movement skills in a welcoming, fun and safe environment. The age group is divided into smaller pods of players who are grouped together by the coaching staff based on appropriate competition for each player’s developmental needs. This is to build the player to coach relationships, high ball rolling time and challenge each player. At this stage of development they can begin to problem solve in pairs or small groups, therefore we focus on creating activities and games that present players with the opportunity to work together to achieve success.

When? Players participating in this program will train three times per week and play in one weekly league game or exhibition games against other clubs throughout the indoor season.

Who? This program is designed for players who wish to commit time to develop their skills through a structured training and games program. Players between the ages of 10 and 12 are welcome to join this program given they can make the scheduled commitment and providing the environment is appropriate for their stage of development. Within the program players will be grouped based on skill level for training sessions and games.

How? Contact the Manager of The Advanced Development Program, Rachel Murray to schedule a time to come meet the coaches and try the program.


1. Is there a capacity limit for players per pod? Yes, there is a capacity limit per pod. The head coach will be able to inform you or whether the pod is full or if there are spots available. Please look at the Coaches page for capacity.

2. What is hybrid training? When players are in the program there is the opportunity for hybrid training. This is based on coaches’ decisions on what is best for the individual player. It will allow the coaching staff to assess if that environment will be beneficial for them long term.

3. What league do we play in? We play out of the GTISL, D league or will play exhibition games

4. I am part of the select program. How can I move into ADP? Please reach out to your select coach for feedback and they will give recommendations on how to move forward.

Monday–Friday: 10 am - 6 pm

North Toronto Soccer Club
1041 Avenue Rd. Suite 5
Toronto, Ontario
M5N 2C5