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Scholarships and Fee Assistance

PURPOSE of the Program

North Toronto Soccer is committed to making soccer accessible to as many youth players as possible from the North Toronto community. Low or reduced income should not be a barrier to committed players who desire to learn to play and to realize their full potential in the sport.

The club’s Scholarship Fund provides fees subsidies of 25% to 85% to eligible players, across all club programs

HOW is the Program Funded?

A portion of club program fees is allocated to this fund, typically 2%. This is supplemented by generous donations from North Toronto families, the North Toronto Sports Foundation, and the major portion of revenue from community sponsors.

WHO the Program Supports

Currently, over $200,000 annually in scholarships and fee subsidies is being provided by North Toronto Soccer to committed players from families who would not otherwise have been able to keep their children in soccer. In the years before the pandemic, the annual amount was $150,000.

Many of those being supported are refugees, are living in family shelters, or have been identified by community social service agencies. Others are from families with low incomes, either on an ongoing basis or sometimes in temporarily diminished circumstances.

ELIGIBILITY for Fee Assistance

Fee assistance is based on family income – for the previous year, or for the current year if the family financial situation has changed materially – and the household makeup, as outlined on the applicatoin form. The level of assistance available is calculated based on the Low Income Cut Off (LICO) chart published by Statistics Canada.

For further information, please read through the policy and submit your application to: sponsoredplayers@ntsoccer.com.

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