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Summer Camp

Welcome to the North Toronto Summer Soccer Camp

We are delighted to announce the launch of our upcoming Summer Camp which promises to deliver nine one-week camps full of fun on the field! At NT Soccer Camp we believe in introducing kids to soccer and other sports in a fun, safe and confidence building environment. We believe in promoting an active lifestyle by giving kids the freedom to play, socialize and explore a variety of games throughout the week.

From beginners to devoted players, we look to improve the confidence and abilities of all campers and will make every effort to create an environment appropriate for each camper. All players between the ages of 4 – 12 years old of all soccer skill and experience are welcome!

Ages: 4 and 5 Years Old

Half-days (mornings) only

For the 4-5 year-olds, camp will start at 9am and end at 12pm and will consist of a combination of free time, indoor time (if allowed), park time and of course, soccer time. We will provide a fun and inclusive environment giving all children the chance to laugh, play, learn, discover and make new friends!

This program focuses on teaching the fundamental aspects of sporting participation, encouraging each of our young campers to development physical literacy (agility, balance and coordination) as well as social skills (playing with others and listening to a coach). In introducing children to the basic technical dimensions of the game, our program is designed to allow participants to explore with the ball and to engage with the core skills of dribbling in a competition free environment.

The soccer portions of the morning are also balanced with some indoor games time and park time. The indoor games portion allows players to cool off and socialize with each other in a relaxed indoor space. Park time is a great chance to enjoy the best parts of being a kid – the freedom to run, jump, climb and play!

Ages: 6 to 8 Years Old

Options: Full Day (9am to 4pm) or Half Day (9am to 12pm)

For ages 6+, we offer a morning only (9-12) or full day (9-4) options. The morning will consist of instructed soccer activities and games followed by the opportunity for alternative sports and games in the late morning. For the full-day campers, part of the afternoon (except on Monday), we will be at the outdoor community pool for a supervised free swim in the shallow end (no instruction given). A great way to cool off and refresh! If swimming is not an option, the campers will play alternative sports or scrimmages instead.

This program strives to guide the technical development of young players as they continue to be introduced to the game. At this stage of development there is a strong focus on dribbling skills with the ball, so we try to keep a high ball to player ratio allowing for lots of contact time with the ball and opportunities to develop. The inclusion of structured small-sided games (1v1 to 5v5) allows young players to begin the process of transferring skills into game scenarios.

Ages: 9 to 12 Years Old

Options: Full Day (9am to 4pm) or Half Day (9am to 12pm)
This program looks to allow players to acquire a greater level of understanding of soccer and familiarity with the ball. In nurturing the child’s initial engagement with the game, our coaches deliver a program which emphasizes consistent child attachment to the ball, incorporating a high level of technique refinement as opposed to tactical or team play. The inclusion of structured small-sided games (3v3 up to 7v7) allows young players to begin the process of transferring skills into game scenarios.

Dates & Fees

4 – 5 years old: Camp options: mornings (9am to noon)
6 – 12 years old: Camp options: mornings (9am to noon) OR full days (9am to 4pm)

Location: Eglinton Park

Weeks available

Week 1: July 2 – July 5 * 4-day week 
Week 2: July 8 – July 12
Week 3: July 15 – July 19
Week 4: July 22 – July 26
Week 5: July 29 – Aug 2
Week 6: Aug 6 – Aug 9 * 4-day week
Week 7: Aug 12 – Aug 16
Week 8: Aug 19 – Aug 23
Week 9: Aug 26 – Aug 30

Registration fees 
**CURRENT FEE**: EARLY BIRD (240 registrations):
Mornings: $ 240 p/week; $ 205 for weeks 1&6 (4-day week)
Full days: $ 375 p/week; $ 305 weeks 1&6 (4-day week)

Mornings: $ 245 p/week; $ 210 for weeks 1&6 (4-day week)
Full days: $ 380 p/week; $ 310 weeks 1&6 (4-day week)

Family Discount
$20 discount for 2nd and any subsequent registrations (additional children/additional weeks)

Extended Care is available (supervised free play, not instructional)
$30 for mornings 8am to 9am ($24 for the 4-day week)
$30 for afternoons 4pm to 5pm ($24 for the 4-day week)

Changing weeks:
Whole camp weeks (individual days/partial weeks cannot be transferred) can be rescheduled to another week at no extra cost provided there’s availability. If changing from a 4 to a 5-day week, or half to full days, the difference will be due at the time of the request. All requests must be done in writing at administration@ntsoccer.com.

Refund Policy:
All cancellations must be requested in writing (email: administration@ntsoccer.com). A full refund (minus a $30 admin fee) will be made for any cancellations done 28 days prior to the start of the camp week. There will be no refunds for cancellations done without 28 days’ notice.

In the case of certifiable medical reasons, you must notify us immediately and a doctor’s note signed within 7 days of diagnosis must be provided. All cancellations are pro-rated and subject to a $30 admin fee. 

Individual camp days missed for any reason cannot be transferred to another week, refunded or credited. No pro-rating for missed days.

There are no refunds for weather-related changes to the program or activities.

What to Bring?
  • Printed and completed Medical Forms
  • Any required medication
  • Soccer cleats/athletic shoes
  • Soccer shirt (included in fee) , shorts and socks covering shin guards
  • Shin guards
  • Sunscreen
  • Water and hydrating fluids (water can be filled onsite)
  • Lunch/snacks
Lightning Policy

As per North Toronto Soccer’s Lightning & Inclement Weather Policy, if lightning is seen or thunder is heard, all games, practices and soccer activities will be postponed or cancelled at the discretion of the match officials or relevant staff. In the case of Lightning and/or Thunder all players and staff must get off the field to a safe area or shelter and cannot return until 30 minutes after the last incident of thunder or lightning.

At Summer Camp and Academy, we may use our clubhouse for shelter if needed. The Camp & Academy Director will be watching the weather forecast closely and updating parents if any inclement weather is expected. The different scenarios to be prepared for will be:

i) In the case of Inclement Weather in the morning, before camp/academy is set to start, the camp director will update all parents if drop off will need to be delayed to let the storm pass by and have players on the field in a safe environment. Should any campers need to be dropped off due for supervision, the clubhouse will be used to play quiet games or watch a movie.

ii) In the case of Inclement Weather during the camp/academy morning before lunch, the camp director will update all parents if pickup will be necessary to avoid having players on the field during a storm. As the storm passes and it is deemed safe to return to the field parents will be updated about camp resuming if they are able to drop off players for the remainder of camp. Any campers that cannot be picked up can stay in the clubhouse to be supervised and play quiet games or watch a movie.

iii) In the case of Inclement Weather in the afternoon, after lunch has passed, the camp director will update all parents if the end of day pickup will need to be moved earlier to avoid having players on the field during a storm. Any campers that cannot be picked up can stay in the clubhouse to be supervised and play quiet games or watch a movie.

FAQ & Policies
What is the difference between Summer Camp and Academy?

The main difference is that the academy is focused on soccer all day, with players looking to develop. At Summer Camp, we start with soccer in the morning and play a variety of other sports and games. Summer Camp also has a little more free time during the day.

What is does the typical day look like?
Will there be swimming?

The Summer Camp offers Free Swin, where kids are allowed to cool off at the North Toronto Memorial Community Centre Pool. This swim time is NOT INSTRUCTIONAL and all campers should be able to confidently swim in the shallow end of the pool, where they will be supervised by Camp staff and City of Toronto lifeguards. Any campers who decide not to swim will accompany the group and sit in the shade on the pool deck to be supervised, there is no alternative activity to swimming as staff are needed for pool ratios.

Will there be early dropoff or late pickup?

Early dropoff and late pickup is available through the registration system, which are unstructured supervised time to allow parents flexibility in their schedule. Early dropoff is from 8 – 9 am, starting camp/academy activities at 9 am. Late pickup is from 4 – 5 pm, kids may head indoors to the clubhouse to get out of the heat/rain if needed.

Who is Summer Camp for? Why is it so special?

Camp is for any kids looking to play some soccer but also have a lot of fun. It is by no means any worse than academy but is instead geared towards having a good time. Many players that attend academy also enjoy the more laid-back atmosphere of Camp while still enjoying the opportunity to develop their soccer abilities. Our Camp has a standard as high as our academy and creates a great environment for kids of a broader age range to attend.

Who is Academy for? Why is it so special?

Academy is recommended to all our players in our Nitros Development, Advanced Development, Select, TTBN, Competitive and Talented Pathway programs. However, it is not exclusive to just those players. If you’re interested in attending, feel free to join for your designated week. However, please keep in mind that players are expected to play soccer for most of the day and partake in two training sessions and other soccer games and tournaments. If you’re unsure about signing up, please check with the Academy Director .

Academy is unique to players because it’s a chance for them to spend the entire week with their teammates, enjoying the fun moments off the pitch and building strong relationships off of it. It’s also a great chance to work with their coaches to develop their beautiful game abilities.

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